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About Josh

I am a digital media storyteller fueled by coffee and craft beer. I use digital content, audio, video, and social media to share passion and new ideas with the world. I am the cofounder of Black Sail Brewing Company, a small brewery in Plymouth, Indiana. I am a photographer for international disaster relief non-profit Team Rubicon.

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Josh Hall, Director of Production – CIY, Inc

“Josh is one of the few people I know who can balance creativity and technical ability. He’s an extremely dedicated and hard worker. I’ve seen him make efforts and work hours way over his pay grade. One of the things that impresses me the most is his ability to work with challenging people in challenging situations. He doesn’t get rocked. Dealing with impossible budgets and deadlines, he always comes through.”

Chris Fleck, Creative Director – North Liberty Church of Christ

“Josh has countless talents and abilities. Anything from audio, visual, coffee, beer and the list could go on for days. People like Josh are few and far between. Add in the fact that his care for people is at the forefront of everything he does. He’s a great leader, organizer and knows how to get the job done!”

Michael B, Lead Pastor, Thrive Christian Church

“Josh Walker is irreplaceable. He is a technical guru with amazing interpersonal relationship skills. He does not accept mediocrity and thinks creatively to accomplish goals with excellence. He takes time to understand the vision of the leadership of the organization and leads in a way that creates alignment with the vision. He is a self starter, a leader, a man of integrity, and I am privileged to have had him serve alongside me.”

Chris R, Owner, DCR Media

“Josh has provided some of the best design work that I have ever seen. His designs are fresh and out-of-the-box. No matter what the piece, I can use it on corporate marketing pieces or use it to brand my services. Josh always listens to my ideas and somehow creates the design perfectly and at a great price.”

The non-profit marketing & PR guy

I have a few passions. It’s hard for me not to. Good beer, bourbon, and food. Music, and creativity in general. Data and analytics. Social media, writing, and networking. Creating videos and capturing images. Ultimately, I love using creativity and technology to tell stories, explore ideas, and learn about the world.

It’s not the tools that make your work great; it’s what you do with what you have.

I also enjoy thinking critically about things and discussing them. By looking at issues, topics, and society from an “it’s got to be possible to be better” viewpoint, I believe we can continue to move forward with our culture and society in every aspect. I have a very difficult time sitting by idly and not getting my hands dirty.

Aside from being a marketing professional, I’m a photographer for international disaster relief non-profit Team Rubicon, and president of Discover Plymouth, a downtown revitalization non-profit in my community.

So you know, the coffee is always on.