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    Beer is my passion. Some other things I enjoy? Music. Cooking. Rock climbing. Traveling. Bodies of water. Dogs. Meeting new, interesting people.

  • I am a husband. I am a son. I am a brother. I am a friend. I was once a soldier, but now work toward peace. I was once a skeptic, but now I am a believer. I love music. Art. Craft beer. Creativity. Technology. Simplicity.

    In the year 1983, I began a journey. I had no idea where I was going, or how I’d get there. For that matter, I still don’t! I’ve always been one to enjoy the journey, and during this last few decades, I’ve been having a blast. The path I’m on has had its twists and turns, for sure, but I’ve committed to making the best of it all.

    Among other things, I am an audio engineer, music producer, and all-around technology geek. I brew innovative and interesting craft beers with a couple great friends. Combining my love of art and technology enables me to help others define their own creativity. I believe by using technology, music, and art to positively influence people and communicate ideas and tell stories, we can make a connection with others who would otherwise write us off as daydreamers, idealists, or unreasonable people. I dream of ways to improve the world around us and to leave a positive impact in our communities and a great inheritance for our children.

    In my spare time, I read and study philosophy. I have always been one to question things in search of creative answers. The world needs more thinkers. Why would we leave this up to only a handful of people?  If we only think and dream of things that are already considered normal or standard, the whole race of humans will begin to slide into a mental recession. One where ideas slow down, creativity ceases to amaze, and people work like drones in a bee hive. Think of Thomas Edison or Leonardo da Vinci. These guys were laughed at and written off at times, yet they pushed forward and broke boundaries. We’re still learning from these kind of people today. People that weren’t afraid to take risks and push the limits.

    Let’s continue to think outside of the box. Ask the tough questions, and begin to look to the future and what possibilities lie ahead. Embrace the now, but don’t settle for it. Tomorrow is coming whether you want it to or not; why not make it a better one?

    I also blog, albeit somewhat sporadic (both in frequency and topic.) Read my blog and watch how I’m all over the map. You’ll find politics, music, productivity, food, beer, culture, and more. Give me a break; it’s my outlet!

    Logix Pro X

    Digital & Analog Consoles

    Brewing beer

    Rock climbing

    Eating cheese & hot sauce

    I’d love to connect and hear what you’re up to. Let’s talk!

    Sheep in Ireland

    Sheep in Ireland

    Baxter at Christmas

    Baxter at Christmas


    The Temple Bar, Dublin


    Londonderry, Ireland


    Arc de Triomphe


    Coast of Ireland


    Joplin Aftermath (35mm)


    Tired by Etna Green

    Music, Producing

    Bands I’ve Worked With




    The Cabernet EP

    Music, Producing
    Baghdad sunset

    Baghdad Sunset (35mm)


    Ambushed (35mm)


    Apache (35mm)


    Brave Anything (remix)

    Music, Producing

    It’s In Their Eyes (Hope)

    Music, Producing

    Afterlife [remix]

    Music, Producing


    Music, Producing

    App Mockup


    Logo Design


    Logo Design


    Business Card


    The Collective Logo


    Audio & Lighting Upgrade

    Consulting, Music, Training

    Audio Upgrade & Training


    Detonate (35mm)


    To Love as Winston Smith

    Music, Producing

    Logo Design


    Borderline Love

    Music, Producing
    Queens University

    Queens University (Ireland)


    Desert (35mm)


    Only Two Songs Left

    Music, Producing

    Captured (35mm)





    Full Resume


    I am a creative professional with a focus in the professional live event, audio, and social media fields.  I am an admitted early adopter of new technologies. I believe in innovation and creativity. I look to partner with clients and organizations that are producing content, whether audio, video, or live events involving music, digital and social media, and more.


    Freelance Media Producer & Live Production Consultant – Nationwide, Present

    * Work with clients to identify issues related to project and prepare analysis of situation.
    * Develop strategy to solve identified issues in client’s budget and timeframe.
    * Use digital media, both audio and visual, to develop client’s brand.
    * Employ social media to further brand reach.
    * For audio, train client team members in specific live production techniques.

    Freelance Audio Engineer & Music Producer – Nationwide 2008-Present

    * Work with clients to creatively enhance their music.
    * Record, edit, and mix multiple audio tracks into final mixes.
    * Play multiple instruments on recordings.
    * Work with artists every step of recording process to produce professional recordings.
    * Mix monitor wedges and in-ears for artists to achieve proper live onstage mix.
    * Competent with analog and digital consoles, line array, wireless, etc.

    Creative Director, Catalyst Church – Morgantown, WV 2011-2013

    * Design and implement creative environment for weekly services, including lighting and video.
    * Produce in-house band consisting of up to eight members.
    * Train individuals on digital audio console, good audio practices, and efficient communication.
    * Design all marketing materials, both for print and digital formats.
    * Maintain social media presence through Facebook, Twitter, website, and Google+.

    Rigger & Stage Manager, Christ In Youth – Nationwide tour 2011

    * Review and implement rigging plots as provided by client; responsible for all rigging of truss and motors.
    * Work with client to develop workarounds for rigging based on specific venue requirements
    * Manage artists back stage; work with production manager on all stage-specific needs.
    * Assist in load-in/out of all live events.

    Creative Stage Designer, Simply Youth Ministry Conference – Chicago, IL 2011

    * Work with programming staff and event visionaries to design main stage piece for live event.
    * Design and develop strategy to implement rotating interactive wall for onstage display.
    * Design and build rotating wall onsite; communicate vision with onsite production company.
    * Assist live artist with session-by-session building of rotating wall.

    Production Manager, North Liberty Church of Christ – North Liberty, IN 2008-2011

    * Manage weekly production requirements for services; audio, video, lighting, etc.
    * Work with Creative Arts Team to develop cohesive production strategies relevant to programming; implement these in live events.
    * Recruit and train individuals to serve on specific production teams.
    * Create, implement, and manage production budget for new equipment acquisitions.

    Freelance Music Producer & Audio Engineer – Northern IN 2008-2011

    * Provide sound/PA and front of house engineering. Setup and teardown of live events.
    * Artist and stage management for clients; advance shows with artists and venues.
    * Studio recording, mixing, producing and engineering of songs and albums for artists .
    * Write and produce music with various local artists for personal repertoire.

    Tour Production Manager, Christ In Youth – Joplin, MO | Nationwide 2008-2009

    * Advance shows to venues and coordinate with local unions.
    * Maintain annual operating budget of $800,000.00.
    * Responsible for team of 15 members across nationwide tour.
    * Design, build sets for, and manage off-site film shoots.


    West Virginia University – Philosophy 2013

    University of Phoenix — Business Administration & Organizational Innovation, 2008

    The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences, Tempe, AZ — Master Recording II, 2008

    101st Airborne Division, United States Army — 2004-2008

    Ivy Tech State College – South Bend, IN — Web Design, 3D Animation 2002



    Social Media: Proficient with wide variety of platforms, online etiquette, and how they interact.
    Adobe CS Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat Pro, etc.
    Websites: Squarespace, WordPress, HTML, etc.
    Photography: DSLR, 35mm, portraits, landscape, conflict photography, etc
    Video: Final Cut X, shooting/editing, voiceovers, etc.
    Set Design: Mockups in Google Sketchup, fabrication, assembly, etc.

    General: Mac OSX, Windows, Google Docs/Drive, cloud computing, Evernote, storyboarding, etc.


    Certifications: ProTools, WAVES, Smaart, Autotune, Sennheiser
    Consoles: SSL, Digidesign, , Midas, Neotek , Neve, Yamaha, Mackie, Tascam, etc.
    Recorders: Otari MTR 90, Studer A827, Alesis HD24, Alesis Masterlink, etc.
    Outboard gear: Manley, TC Electronic, dbx, Yamaha, BBE, Presonus, Alesis, etc.
    Software/Plug-ins: ProTools HD, Logic Pro, WAVES, Smaart, Autotune, etc.
    Microphones: AKG, Audio Technica, Beyerdynamic, Blue, Sennheiser, Rode, Neumann, Shure, etc.

    Live Sound/General: Rigging/line array/speaker time alignment, room eq; basic/intermediate equipment repair; various mic techniques; sound design; surround sound mixing; load-in/out management; show advancing; nationwide touring experience.


    Founder - www.Josh-Walker.com

    * Cover relevant modern-day music issues as well as reviews of bands, gear, and more.
    * Drive traffic to site through Twitter and Facebook marketing.
    * Manage SEO tools and analytics to determine how best to shape content.

    Consultant – Safeharbor Christian Church (Orlando, FL)

    * Assess live sound, video, and lighting situation of existing setup.
    * Work with client to develop production acquisition strategy within their budget.
    * On-site installation of new audio console, snake, and monitor amps.
    * Train client team members on new digital console.
    * Work with client to develop long-term project phases within budget and timeframe.
    * Develop client-specific resources for client’s reference and use after the project.

    Consultant – Simply Youth Ministry Conference (Chicago)

    * Production liaison between artists and host production company.
    * Convert artist’s and client’s preliminary drawings into 3 dimensional renderings.
    * Work with artist on creative level to develop interactive 12’x12’ rotating wall.
    * Setup, stage management, and teardown during actual event.

    Consultant – Marshall County Blueberry Festival; Entertainment (Indiana)

    * Responsible for booking and coordinating logistics with artists.
    * Liaison between festival, artists, and management.
    * Provide front of house audio engineering for bands.
    * General stage management and scheduling.

    Consultant – United Way of Porter County (Indiana) in production of 2010 Battle of the Bands

    * Helped create social media and marketing strategy.
    * Advised United Way board members on audio & video needs.
    * Sat in as one of three music industry panel judges during actual event.

    Board member – Encore Performing Arts of Marshall County (Indiana) – 2009-2011

    * Consult Encore board on a regular basis in regards to marketing and social media strategy.
    * Built website and used Facebook, Twitter, and blogs to drive online traffic to website.
    * Assist in booking artists and advancing logistics and contracts.
    * Provide sound and front of house audio engineering for live music events.

    Board member – Arts Council of Marshall County (Indiana) – 2009-2011

    * Create and implement website and blog for ACMC; maintain digital artist registry database.
    * Manage social media via Twitter, Facebook, and cross promote on local websites and blogs.

    Social media speaker

    * Ongoing education to colleagues on current and innovative practices for social media.
    * Presenter for Marshall County Builders Association in Northern Indiana – February 2010.



     Available for travel