Audio engineer. Brewer. Social media nerd. Foodie. Thinker.

I have a few passions. It’s hard for me not to. Craft beer, music, art, and creativity in general. Data and analytics. Social media, writing, and networking. Creating videos and shooting photos. Ultimately, I love using creativity and technology to tell stories, explore ideas, and learn about the world.

I also enjoy thinking critically about things and discussing them. By looking at issues, topics, and society from an “it’s got to be possible to be better” viewpoint, I believe we can continue to move forward with our culture and society in every aspect.

I live in Plymouth, Indiana with my wife, our dog, and two cats. I am involved with local politics, downtown revitalization efforts, and making the community better however I can. Oh, and so you know, the coffee is always on.

  • Audio & video production 98%
  • Photography & Design 87%
  • Brewing delicious beer 80%
  • Rock climbing 75%
  • Drinking coffee 100%

Josh is one of the few people I know who can balance creativity and technical ability. He’s an extremely dedicated and hard worker. I’ve witnessed him make efforts and work hours way over his pay grade. One of the things that I have observed in him that impressed me the most is his ability to work with challenging people in challenging situations. He doesn’t seem to get rocked. In live scenarios, dealing with impossible budgets and deadlines, he always comes through.

Josh H.

Director of Production, CIY, Inc

“Josh has provided some of the best design that I have ever seen. His designs are fresh and out-of-the-box.

No matter what the design, I can use it on corporate marketing pieces or use it for a great way to brand my ideas and services. Josh always listens to my ideas and somehow creates the design perfectly and at a great price.”

Chris R.

Owner, DCR Media

Josh has countless talents and abilities. Anything from audio, visual, coffee, beer and the list could go on for days. People like Josh are few and far between. Add in the fact that his care for people is at the forefront of everything he does. He’s a great leader, organizer and knows how to get the job done!

Chris F.

Worship Leader, North Liberty Church of Christ

Josh Walker is irreplaceable. He is a technical guru with amazing interpersonal relationship skills. He does not accept mediocrity and thinks creatively to accomplish goals with excellence. He takes time to understand the vision of the leadership of the organization and leads in a way that creates alignment with the vision. He is a self starter, a leader, a man of integrity, and I am privileged to have him serve alongside me.

Michael B.

Associate Pastor, North Liberty Church of Christ

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Some recent thoughts

Craft Beer Review: North Coast Old Rasputin Imperial Russian Stout

Craft Beer Review: North Coast Old Rasputin Imperial Russian Stout

This is the first post, of many, where I’ll jot down some of my thoughts on a beer. To kick things off, I’m starting with a pretty big beer. Let’s take a look at the Old Rasputin Imperial Russian Stout from North Coast Brewing in California. If you aren’t familiar with Imperial Russian stouts, here’s a quick note to get you up-to-speed. These are beers based on a typical stout but with a higher ABV. This is accomplished by either adding more malted grain to the recipe or another form of sugar. These big stouts are typically over 9% ABV, and very dark. Why Russian? There once existed a brewery in England that was tasked with brewing stouts for Catherine the Great, the first and longest-ruling female leader of Russia. It was during her reign the country was strengthened and came to be recognized as one of the great European powers. The Thrale’s brewery brewed a style of stout that was darker and stronger than typical stouts. They were responsible for supplying the courts of Catherine the Great with this delicious brew. It wasn’t till the brewery was bought out the beer started to be called a Russian Imperial stout, though. The stronger style of stout caught on, surely bolstered by the long, blistering Russian winters. Fortunately for us today, we have plenty of great options when it comes to this style to be enjoyed in the comfort of a cozy pub. Okay, enough of the history, let’s get to the beer! The Old Rasputin is a 9% ABV beer with 75 IBUs. The higher IBUs are there to balance the... read more
How do you get your day started?

How do you get your day started?

If you know me, you know I love coffee. Over the last year I’ve been using the Aeropress to make my coffee by-the-cup. I’ve put it through the test. I’ve traveled the country with it, using it in hotel rooms. I use it at home on a daily basis. It’s tough. It’s simple. And it makes some of the best coffee I’ve ever had. The process really is better than drip coffee, and certainly better than any Keurig, even with freshly ground beans. A couple tips if you ever use an Aeropress: use good water and heat it to between 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a burr grinder (not a blade grinder) to grind your quality beans (preferably from a local roaster or coffee shop) to a grind that corresponds to whichever recipe you prefer. I prefer the medium-course grind and use the inverted brewing method. It’s simple and clean. So, how do you start your... read more
Evernote & #InboxZero

Evernote & #InboxZero

This is my contribution to those who wish to achieve #inboxzero and keep it there. There are many articles and solutions out there for getting your email inbox emptied out. Some of them are great, some not so much. Spoiler alert: there is no app that does it for you and no magical “aha” moment that will make it just happen on its own. If you still wish to read on and be more productive, be warned; it requires some work on the front end and then basic maintenance moving forward. This is what I’ve discovered to work for me. Like many people, I have always been distracted and held captive by my email accounts. I had this underlying feeling the quicker I replied, the more productive I was. The more professional I was. I felt this was a way for me to stay on top of things and show my attention to detail. What I didn’t realize, though, was how much this mentality detracted from my ability to be as productive as possible. I would be in the middle of a design project in Adobe Illustrator, uber-focused, when my email would ding. This prompted my immediate response, much like Pavlov’s dogs. I couldn’t help myself. I’d command-tab over to my email (which was open anytime I was at my computer) and check the emails. I’d spend a few minutes writing a response when a simple, short one-sentence reply would do. Or I wouldn’t want to reply just yet, so I’d leave it in my inbox. I knew if I filed it away, I wouldn’t see it and therefore... read more
What’s with the goats?

What’s with the goats?

Sprint ran a commercial with a screaming goat during the 2015 Superbowl. It was funny. It got my attention. It was only a few weeks later I heard the goat again. I looked up and noticed it wasn’t Sprint. When I saw and heard the goat, I immediately thought it was Sprint. It took a moment to realize it wasn’t. This is an example of a brand chasing a trend and losing the race. Because of this, I lost a some marketing respect for Geico. Come on, guys. Be original. That said, Sprint isn’t the first to do a screaming goat commercial. Here is the Dorito’s Superbowl commercial from 2013, followed by Sprint and then... read more

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